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Terms & Conditions:

Our Terms Policy.

1. The first cash back bonus will be generated from the next month of every -purchase.
2. Monthly ceiling limit eligibility is based on package purchased.
3.Eligibility for R.O.I is minimum one direct referral ID.
4. Monthly cut off will be on every month last Friday 11.59 pm.
5. For every withdrawal, 15% will be deducted as service charges (10%) and TDS (5%).
6. Earning wallet to wallet transfer will be allowed only Monday and 7% will be deducted as Services charges.
7. All the members must keep their money in the company for at least six months.
8. You can get your money back in a month’s time.
9. Over the next 20 months, the company plans and offers will change.
10. Your Benefits and insurance plans will reach you in the next two months.
11. All commercial investments are manufactured to market risks.